Rules of the School

  • Children should attend school in the proper school uniform.
  • Friday uniform should be worn on Fridays.
  • No leave of absence is granted except for grave and valid reasons, which must be stated in the required written application for leave.
  • Misbehavior, negligence in duty, malpractices or in subordination to teachers will justify dismissal from the school.
  • Students are to keep their class rooms and surroundings clean and damage to school property will be fined.
  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings. They are strictly forbidden from wearing costly jewels.
  • No books, periodicals or magazines of any description should be brought into the school premises without the consent of the Principal.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the principal.
  • Parents are not to visit the class rooms during school hours. They can meet the teachers or the students after 4.00 p.m.
  • Absentees for examination without any grave reason will be considered as failed.
  • A minimum of 80% attendance is required for promotion.
  • Students from VI-VIII Std. should compulsorily enroll themselves in any one of the group activities.
  • Every student should be in time for the morning assembly.
  • Every student should bring the School Diary daily to school.

Admission and Withdrawal

  • For admission to L.K.G. the child should complete 3 years as on 1st June.
  • The application form issued in the school should be duly filled in and returned along with the community and birth certificate.
  • The School authorities reserve the right to refuse admission to any pupil without assigning the reason.
  • Application for transfer certificate shall be made in writing to the Principal by the parent or guardian.
  • Transfer certificate will not be granted unless all the fees due for the term have been paid.

Examinations and Promotion

  • Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments are regularly held to assess the progress of the student.
  • Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments are regularly held to assess the progress of the student.
  • The results of all the Assessments will be taken into consideration for promotion.

School Fees

  • The School term fees and bus fees should be paid before the last week of May, Sep. and Dec.
  • Defaulters in the payment of Bus fees will not be allowed to use the school Bus.


  • Parents are expected to give the management and staff their whole hearted co-operation in all matters pertaining to the education of their children.
  • Kindly abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Lend your support in matters of discipline and see that your child observes the school rules.
  • Supervise you child’s studies at home and if there is lack of progress immediately meet the class teacher.
  • Send the children to school regularly and neatly and help them to maintain continuity in school.